Buying The Best Passenger Car Tires

There are more passenger cars on the road than any other type in the United States. In the year 2009, there were over 250 million passenger-vehicles registered throughout the country with over 70% of them being used as a primary source of transportation. With 250+ million vehicles on the road there is an ever increasing demand for top quality, reasonably priced tires.

As is the case for all aspects of the automotive industry, the manufacturing of car tires has evolved dramatically over the years. They have gone from standard utility tires to a whole range of specialized materials, treads, speed ratings and even specialized for different types of driving terrains. The result of the tire revolution is, for many vehicle owners, an overwhelming choice that can be an unnecessary source of worry. However, with the proper guidance from an ASE Certified Technician reasonably-priced quality tires are available.

Speed and Distance

Most people will use their vehicle for driving at low speeds for shorter distances or for highway driving over long distances at higher speeds. Tires rated for speed are called highway tires or touring tires. Touring tires are typically created with a wider width and lower profile for a slightly heavier weight distribution across the tire. Slightly narrower tires are designed for lower speeds, as you would find in city driving conditions, providing better turning and a smoother ride.

Tread Design

Depending on the type of driving and the road conditions you encounter choosing a specialty tread pattern can make a difference in your car’s ability to handle the road. Ask your ASE Certified Technician for assistance when choosing all-season radials or seasonal tires that are designed for optimum handling in wet and rainy conditions or those that are designed for snow and ice.

All season radials are the most commonly sold tire and will have variations in tread based on performance, use, and rating as well as brand and model. An ultra high performance tire typically will have asymmetrical tread designs to grip the road tightly in all conditions, but they will also be the most costly option.

Talking to an ASE Certified Technicians that sells tires for passenger vehicles is a great idea. Ask questions, get answers, and find the best tire that will meet your needs without breaking your budget.

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