3 Ways to Check if You Need Volusion SEO Services

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the hottest topics in marketing today. Starting your e-commerce site off with solid and unique information is a good foundation if you want to be listed first, but it’s not always enough. Some sites get by with a do-it-yourself job, while others receive stronger, more competitive, results from hiring someone to provide professional Volusion SEO services. If you’re not sure whether hiring a professional is the next step for you, here are three ways to tell if you should consider bringing in a pro.

1. Inadequate Site Traffic

If you use a service that tells you how many people visit your site daily, this is easy to verify. There’s no set schedule or timeline that tells you how many visitors you should be receiving daily based on how long your site has been active. However, you should see that number slowly increasing as the weeks pass. Keep in mind, measuring your traffic is not the same as measuring your sales. Search engine optimization brings people to your site. What happens once they get there is a whole different ball game.

2. New Pages Get No Love

When you add a new static page to your site and it doesn’t get many hits, it’s an indication the search engines aren’t catching your new content. The reasons for this can vary widely, but if the rest of your site seems to be doing okay, yet fresh pages aren’t attracting visitors, it’s probably a back-end issue. Double-check that all your tags on new pages have been filled in and that they are a good fit for the content. You can also verify that your site map is updating as regularly as it should. If adjusting these settings doesn’t attract visitors to your new pages, you might want to hire Business Name a professional Volusion SEO services to find out what’s happening.

3. You’ve Checked Your Standings

People rarely look past the first page when they search for something online. In fact, they seldom look beyond the number one listing because search engines are so good at delivering relevant results. If you’ve looked up specific words or phrases that should be associated with your site and you’re not one of the first few listings, or worse yet, you’re not even on the initial page, your optimization needs help. There are so many things that are involved in setting your site up for success, which makes it difficult for an untrained person to figure out why they are ranking low.

There’s a lot that goes into making your site search engine friendly, and it’s okay not to know how to correct these issues. After all, you’re a retailer and not a web specialist. Volusion SEO services, from a professional can be the best solution, whether you’re just starting out or fine-tuning what you’ve already set up.