A Winter-Proof Driveway: 4 Cold-Weather Benefits of Asphalt Paving in Norwich, CT

The cold, icy winters in Norwich make asphalt a very practical paving material for driveways. Durable and affordable, Asphalt Paving in Norwich, CT is far more likely to withstand freezing and thawing cycles than concrete alternatives.

Withstands Freezing

In extremely cold conditions, driveway materials like concrete can crack or become damaged. Asphalt Paving in Norwich, CT, on the other hand, is manufactured to withstand freezing temperatures. It’s engineered using sand and stone mixed with a petroleum-based liquid asphalt cement, and the resulting product is extremely cold-hardy because of its durability and flexibility.

Unaffected By Rock Salt

During the winter, the rock salt used to combat slick driveways and bad road conditions can wreak havoc on many driveway materials. Because of its chemical makeup, asphalt is unaffected by rock salt and other chemicals used to improve ice-slicked roadways. You won’t have to worry about the adverse effects of putting a generous coating down on your driveway.

Slip-Resistant Surface

Many types of Asphalt Paving in Norwich, CT, like stamped asphalt, are actually less prone to icing than other driveway materials. Stamped asphalt is simply asphalt that’s textured with wired grids to replicate the look of brick, stone or other materials. With stamped asphalt, the textured surface dries faster when it’s exposed to ice and snow, meaning there’s less chance of slipping and falling. Also, the textured surface gives you better traction when you’re walking on it. Read more

Flexes During Freeze and Thaw Cycles

One of the major advantages of asphalt is that it is extremely flexible. This means that during freezing or thawing cycles, asphalt has the ability to expand and contract without experiencing the breaking and cracking that other driveway materials often suffer from. Thawing, frost heaves and ground settlement have virtually no effect on asphalt paving. Rigid materials like concrete can become heavily damaged under the same conditions.

Keep reading to learn about the cold-weather benefits of asphalt paving, and contact The Driveway Guys of CT for further information or to schedule an appointment. Asphalt paving performs beautifully under harsh winter conditions, making it a natural choice for many homeowners in the Norwich area. An asphalt driveway can be a godsend when inclement weather starts in the winter.

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