Air Conditioners in Wichita: More Cool Air for Less

by | Jun 16, 2014 | Heating and Air Conditioning

New technology found in modern air conditioners in Wichita area mean that you never have to worry about your system using big amounts of electricity. New compressor technology and fan-blade shapes on some models make them produce one-twentieth of noise of the older units. Two decades ago, the conventional AC system used 6,000 watts of electricity per hour for cooling a standard home setup. However, today, the same sized house is cooled using 1,710 watts every hour, representing an increase in efficiency of over 250%.

To minimize electric bills and maximize efficiency, homeowners with air conditioners in Wichita need to carry out a few tasks. Some of the tasks are easy to accomplish while others will require you to call in a technician from Cook’s Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. AC.

Here are a small number of tasks you can accomplish on your own before the summer sets in.

At the Condenser

Open your AC system’s side covers and follow the steps below:

1. Remove dirt off cooling fins by either blowing it off using compressed air through a hose or gently brush it off using a soft-bristle paintbrush
2. Realigned bent or crushed fins using a fin comb obtainable from AC dealers and supply stores
3. Rake up and remove loose debris or leaves. Some of the most adept particles are pine needles
4. To ensure maximum airflow through condenser coils, remove back vegetation and any other obstacles that are within 2 feet from your condenser unit

At the Evaporator

Begin with shutting off power before removing the cover and:

1. Scrub the evaporator pan using a sponge dipped in hot water with a little bleach and soap
2. Pour the bleach over the pan’s condensate tube to kill algae and mold that are likely to cause clogging in the tube as well as pan overflow. Ensure that the tube’s outside end is draining freely
3. Wipe the coils
4. Vacuum dust on the blower fins
5. Change your air handler’s filter. The replacement should match your blower’s capacity in terms of cubic feet per minute (cfm)

Other tasks such as checking refrigerant pressure, checking for leaks, measuring air flow through evaporator and ensuring that everything is working properly should be handled by a professional. However, ensure that whoever is working on your system follows the manufacturer’s specs on Air Conditioners in Wichita.

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