Assisted Living in Arlington, OH

We all want what’s best for our parents and grandparents when we seek out assisted living in Arlington, OH. Not only do we need to make sure that our loved ones are safe, but that they’re also happy and living a full life even in their later years. This is why Abbington Assisted Living is dedicated to providing senior citizens with a safe and comfortable environment while respecting their privacy and dignity.

Abbington Assisted Living was founded back in the 1990s and is currently owned and operated out of the Columbus, OH area. It currently has five assisted living communities. Each of these five communities is independently operated as its own business entity, although they do share some common ownership. The five communities are all owned by Abbington Management Corp, a privately owned company located in Dublin, OH. Abbington Management Corp is proud to provide high-quality assisted living in Arlington, OH and its surrounding communities.


Abbington Assisted Living provides personalized care and attention to its many residents. All of our facilities provide a number of social and recreational activities, three meals per day plus snacks, 24 hour staffing and housekeeping and laundry services. Each of our residents can receive assistance with activities associated with daily living as they are needed, and the licensed nurses on our staff administer medication and provide a number of health and wellness services.

In addition to the standard assisted living services, Abbington also offers private suites for its residents. These suites include a number of features such as a wide variety of room sizes, attached kitchenettes, local phone service, cable TV and an emergency call system in the suite and private bathroom. There are also several common areas amenities for those who wish to socialize with other residents and a one-story design that ensures easy access for all of our residents and guests.

If you are looking for high quality assisted living in Arlington, OH, Abbington Assisted Living is glad to help. For more information on our many services, call us today to schedule a visit with our friendly staff or visit Abbington Online.


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