Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer Who Regularly Handles Domestic Violence in Smithtown, NY after Charges Have Been Made

Anytime a person is facing charges of domestic violence against a spouse, ex-spouse or other member of their household or family it can be very important for him or her to consult with an attorney who handles cases of Domestic Violence in Smithtown, NY as soon as possible. In doing so, the accused person can be sure their rights are well protected and they will have someone to help guide them through the legal issues, which may follow this type of charge.

Being accused of a domestic violence is something a person should take very seriously. When this time of incident occurs, a person can quickly find they are banned from going to the home where the accuser lives, regardless of what other relationships the person may have with the others in the home. To violate a temporary order of protection can result in arrest and serious charges.

If formal charges are made in the situation, the consequences can be even more serious and it will generally require the assistance of a lawyer who is experienced in dealing with cases of Domestic Violence in Smithtown, NY. By having a lawyer in such a case, the accused person will have a much better chance of proving their innocence and avoiding severe punishments such as prison time, fines, probation and more. Visit Law Office of Mitchell M Shapiro for more information.

Many people may not fully understand how seriously most prosecutors take this type of charge. However, today more than ever a prosecutor will work diligently to build a case against the accused person. This is necessary so victims of domestic abuse are protected from those who seek to cause them harm.

Unfortunately, when a person is innocent of this type of charge it can be difficult for them to defend themselves without the assistance of a lawyer who regularly handles cases involving Domestic Violence in Smithtown, NY. Such a lawyer will be able to properly defend their client since they are generally well versed in the same laws the prosecution will be using against the accused. This can be a great advantage in allowing the lawyer to present the best defense for their client. In doing this, many times the lawyer will be able to fight to have the charges greatly reduced or eliminated completely.


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