Consider Pest Control In Tacoma For Getting Rid Of Problem Pests

Are you finding red, itchy bites on your body? They could be bites caused by bedbugs or fleas. Do you see droppings in your dishtowel drawer or gnawed plastic or furniture? You may have a mouse problem. Cockroaches come out at night when you may not notice them and can cause destruction in your kitchen as well as spread disease. When your small pest problem gets out of hand and becomes a big pest problem that you cannot handle yourself it may be time to call in the professionals. For Pest Control in Tacoma, Independent Pest Solutions can handle your pest and critter problems with comprehensive solutions using a combined pest management system.

A professional pest control service can evaluate and inspect your home to detect damaged areas and other areas that could be potential pest problems. A knowledgeable pest control exterminator can offer many advantages by controlling and exterminating numerous problem pests.

* Rodents such as pack and roof rats and house, field and deer mice as well as squirrels.

* American, German, Brown-banded and Oriental cockroaches.

* Inspection and elimination for many spider types such as household spider, western black widow spider, funnel-web spider, sac spider, cobweb spider and more.
Termite inspection and elimination using a pest management system that breaks the life cycle of the termite.

* Problem ants in your kitchen, basement, crawlspace and yard.

* Hard to kill bedbugs.

* Effective elimination of bees, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets and mud daubers.

* Flea control using a management cycle to kill eggs, larva, pupa and adult fleas.

* If you have rodents living in your attic or crawlspace, clean-out and restoration services are also available with complete clean-out and restoration, sanitization, deodorizing, rodent proofing and sealing to help keep them out.


You can read reviews to help you make decisions about choosing Pest Control in Tacoma using a popular Internet review site called Angie’s List. You can also visit the website of Independent Pest Solutions to set up a free, no obligation inspection and to read about current money saving specials, which offer discounts on various services. There is also a short video clip of services available.

You can also consult Independent Pest Solutions for any of your pest control services in Tacoma.

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