Filing for Supplemental Security Income for Your Child in Charlotte, NC

by | Feb 12, 2024 | Lawyers

Disabled children could get approved for Supplemental Security Income and Medicaid health insurance after applying for benefits. The Social Security Disability program is available for disabled individuals who have never worked, including children of low-income families. Social Security disability attorneys in Charlotte, NC, could help claimants if they are turned down for the program.

Medical Evidence from Doctors

The first step in applying is informing the Social Security Administration about the disability and providing the names of doctors providing treatment. The caseworker must discuss the disability with the doctors and determine if the disability could prevent the person from working. The disabilities are physical or mental and provide adverse effects limiting employment.

Assessing the Claimant’s Household Income

Parents of claimants must provide banking and employment information to the SSA. The caseworker conducts an income assessment and determines if the claimant meets the restrictions. The monthly income limits are increased for married parents of disabled children. It’s essential to provide details about all income sources when applying. Failing to report an income source could lead to a denial.

If You are Denied

Social Security disability attorneys in Charlotte, NC, can help if you or your child is denied SSI. You can appeal the decision and get a hearing for a judge to review the case. Your attorneys will need medical records and information about the disability.

SSI is a disability program that provides monthly benefits and Medicaid health insurance for disabled individuals. Claimants who get SSI do not have a work history and have a disability that prevents them from getting a job. If you need to appeal the SSA’s decision, contact Collins Price, PLLC for more details.

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