Hiring A Social Security Disability Lawyer In Bucks For Assistance

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The state of US requires all applications for social security disability to be submitted to the Social Security Administration that serves the county in which the claimant is a resident. After the documentation is received, the SSA evaluates the claim to determine whether additional information is required. If the application is complete and does not need more data, it is submitted to the DDS within the US DARS for approval. Any claimant who is denied benefits should seek counsel from a Social Security Disability lawyer in Bucks.

What are the Odds of Approval?

The odds of an approval for the first application is only thirty-eight percent. This implies that the application data and established disability meet all guidelines for eligibility, and the claimant provided all necessary documentation for this condition. However, the DDS has the right to deny claims at their discretion.

What are the Average Benefits Paid?

Disabled individuals approved for supplemental security income receive $698 monthly. This value implies that the claimant is not earning any form of income. If the claimant is married, he or she can receive $1,048 monthly, as long as their spouse additionally is unable to work. The SSA makes deductions for any income that is earned by the claimant or their spouse. They utilize guidelines that allow the claimant to possess up to $2,000 in assets if single and no more than $3,000 when married.

If the social security benefits are for a minor under the age of eighteen, he or she receives the same benefits as an unmarried individual. However, the SSA requires financial records for the parents to establish whether or not they earn more than the eligibility guidelines allow. At any point that their income exceeds the state’s approved allowances, the SSA can deduct this amount from future disbursements of benefits implying that the claimant was overpaid.

The agency performs a periodic evaluation of the household income via bank accounts owned by the parents. At any time that either parent begins a new job, the SSA requires an update. Any self-employed parents of disabled children drawing SSI are required to submit earnings statements to this administration or lose all benefits, until the situation is rectified. When a claimant is denied benefits and has a viable case against this agency they have the right to hire a social security disability lawyer in Bucks. For more information visit Leventhal Sutton & Gornstein website online today.