How to Use Affordable, Edible Novelties Like Chocolate Casino Chips

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Novelty chocolate casino chips and playing cards, compact discs and picture frames can be used to add an extra special element to your big event or promotional campaign. You can’t just put them out for eating and expect customers and business associates to take note, however. Draw attention to them in the following unique ways to get the most out of your investment.

Have Home Party Attendees Bid with Custom Chocolate Casino Chips

Chocolate novelty items are stellar elements to add to a hostess party for any multilevel marketing plan. Whether you’re selling books, toys, jewelry or make-up, women are likely to be your best customers. Women tend to appreciate chocolate more than men too, which means they’ll keep hold of the novelty and promotional items you provide.

Obviously, chocolate casino chips are covered in durable wrapping to keep product clean and appropriate for snacking on later. Chocolate has a high durability rate as well and won’t start melting in environments under 75°F. Use the chips for rewards for making purchases, bringing friends or signing on to host a party in the future and have guests use their chips to bid on special prizes.

Use Chocolate Coins to Continue Promoting Your Business

Many custom chocolate product suppliers can personalize your products. This can mean using special wrappers sporting your logo and contact information or coins with your event or product info etched into the chocolate itself. Pass out a small bag of coins at the door as a goody prize and you’ll provide guests with reminders of your business that will last several weeks to come.

You can also pass out personalized chocolate casino chips on Halloween. This is an especially fun marketing move. Kids love the chocolate, but parents diligently check for tears in wrappers and potential choking hazards. They’ll see your advertisements, and the association will leave them with the best impression of your budding business.

Create Corporate Packages with a Sweet Twist

Pairing personalized chocolate casino coins with chocolate cigars, chocolate playing cards and chocolate flavored wine or spirits is a special way to tell a trusted client or business partner they’re important to you. Corporate gift packages are too often impersonal and come off as afterthoughts. A fun, entertaining chocolate package gives your gift recipients incentive to keep it and use it for months to come. Most importantly, instead of brushing your gift off as a generic incentive to stay in touch, it will create a lasting impression and encourage your treasured business associates to stay in touch.