How to Write Punjabi Wedding Cards

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If you are planning a traditional Punjabi wedding, you probably want each and every detail to be perfect and precise. Before your guests can enjoy your wedding and celebrate a marriage, they have to receive an invitation. But, Punjabi wedding cards involve much more than a time and a date.

Consider the Format

Traditional Punjabi wedding cards are very beautiful, in part because of their neat formatting. All of the information you wish to communicate should stay on one page, running down the center. To make sure that you can do this, plan out all of the information you would like to fit on the card well in advance. Allow yourself time to rearrange, trim, and add where necessary.

A key part of planning your wedding cards is choosing an appropriate quote that speaks to the blessings that come with marriage. This quote will serve as an introduction before you write anything about the ceremony itself. Make sure you attribute the quote to its author.

Name the Wedding Participants

After the opening quote, your Punjabi wedding cards should include the names of the parents that are sending the invitations, whether they are the bride’s or the groom’s. Use full names and proper titles to reflect the formal nature of the event. Directly after these names, you should write a brief, polite line directly requesting the presence of your guests. The names of the bride and groom follow, making a complete sentence inviting guests to the witness their union. Following this line, you should include the names of the parents you have not already written. Continue to use full names when possible. Your guests will be able to see exactly which of their friends or family members they will be celebrating.

Note the Logistics

Of course, no Punjabi wedding cards are complete without the date, time, and location of the wedding. Be sure that this is completely correct. Your guests will rely on this information. You can also help your guests plan to attend your ceremony by listing the program of events. When and where will the reception take place? What about other traditional pieces of Punjabi wedding ceremony? By including the program of events, you will show your guests what to expect.

Finally, as with most invitations, you should end your wedding card by requesting that your guests R.S.V.P. This will help you and your family plan to accommodate the number of people who wish to attend your ceremony. Make sure to include the best way for a guest to contact you with his or her reply.

Punjabi wedding cards are the perfect way to complement a traditional Punjabi wedding ceremony. Let your Punjabi wedding cards introduce your guests to you, your family, and your ceremony with grace and elegance. Visit