Options for Destin Pontoon Boat Rentals

Boating is one of the most popular pastimes of hobbyists and avid boaters. Whether it involves a lake or the wide-open sea, boating fans now have more ways than ever to enjoy the sport and the beauty of the water and its environs. The boating best method for your needs and you select depends on a number of factors such as your experience, the features you want to enjoy, your budget and the number of people you want to take along with you for the ride. If you are interested in boating, but do not know where to begin, consider the following options for Destin pontoon boat rentals and other types of aquatic sporting rentals available.


A pontoon boat is a popular option for boating fans, that can actually be considered as a flotation device The vessel is relatively flat bottomed and rests on top of pontoons that keep it afloat even with a heavy load on top. The comfort level, size options and ease of operation of a pontoon boat make it a common request for boating rentals.

House Boats

As the name suggests, houseboats offer a complete living experience out on the water. Houseboats have all of the amenities of a normal home and offer a viable option for long-term vacationing out on a lake, river or the sea.


Kayaks are one of the most affordable and physical activities you can do in boating. The narrow and lightweight vessel usually comes equipped to hold between one and three individuals, who then use a paddle to row and direct the kayak to wherever they want to go. Kayaking provides a low cost, easy to learn and enjoyable way to get involved in water sports.


Known for their luxury and class, yachts are the pinnacle for boat enthusiasts everywhere. While there are a wide range of sizes and amenities available, the typical yacht has all the major conveniences such as a fully equipped kitchen, air conditioning and large bedrooms, bathroom and living areas above and below deck. Renting a yacht offers an expensive but extremely memorable experience.

These are some of the most common options for Destin Pontoon boat rentals and other boat rentals. If you are interested in renting a pontoon or other type of boat, discover this info here. Contact a reputable boat rental company today to secure your favorite option.

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