Pros and Cons of Liquid Lawn Fertilization in Virginia Beach

When it comes time to fertilize your lawn, you have two basic options. The first is liquid Lawn Fertilization in Virginia Beach, which is applied to your grass in liquid form. The second is granular fertilization, which is dispensed in small granules or pellets. Which option is best for your property?

Liquid lawn fertilizer often produces faster results

Since granular fertilizer must be “watered into” your lawn, it takes time to restore your yard’s beauty. Liquid Lawn Fertilization in Virginia Beach, on the other hand, is already in soluble form, which means the nutrients are readily available to your plants. It will be absorbed immediately by root systems and even leaves to reverse the effects of extreme weather.

Granular fertilizer will require fewer applications

Although liquid solutions work faster, their impact does not last as long. This is because the fertilizer is immediately absorbed by your plants, so there are no slow-release or time-lapsed benefits from a single application. You will have to repeat the process several times to ensure long-term benefits to your garden.

It is easier to obtain even coverage with liquid products

Liquid Lawn Fertilization in Virginia Beach is usually dispensed by a sprayer that allows for even coverage over the entire property. You are much less likely to miss a large patch of land, for example, or to over-saturate one area while neglecting another. Granular fertilizer is a little more difficult to dispense evenly.

You’ll spend more money on liquid lawn fertilizer

Unfortunately, while liquid fertilizer is easier to apply and offers fast results, it is also more expensive. Since this product requires additional applications after the first fertilization, you might spend a considerable amount of money to restore your lawn in the spring or fall.

How to Fertilize Your Lawn Effectively

Regardless of whether you prefer liquid lawn fertilization or the granular variety, professional application is essential to maintaining a healthy, green lawn. Contact Southern Roots Landscaping of VA to schedule a consultation or to have your lawn fertilized by experts.

This is also an excellent time to schedule mowing services so you don’t have to worry about it or to have your flower beds mulched so they are protected and enriched. Proper lawn care not only improves your happiness at home, but it also boosts curb appeal in the event you decide to sell the property.