Signs You May Need Termite Control in Los Angeles

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Everyone knows termites mean bad news for your home. These pests will get into the interior structure of your home and slowly eat away at the wood that makes up your home. Once the damage is done, your home can become structurally unsound and could even start to fall apart. This is why it is so important for homeowners to know what to look for so they can get termite control in Los Angeles before it is too late.

Termite Wings

Termites are winged insects that lose their wings on a regular basis. This is why the discarded termite wings are one of the first signs homeowners may see when they have a termite problem. You can find these thin, shimmery wings both inside your home and out. As they age, they may begin to look more like fish scales than insect wings. If you see these wings, you need to contact a professional for an inspection right away to prevent further damage.

Holes and Tunnels

The termites will often enter your home through tunnels they make in the ground. Keep a close eye on the ground directly around your home, particularly if you have a garden right along the edge of your home. If you begin to notice tunnels and holes in the ground surrounding your home, especially if they seem to head straight toward your home, contact a company for termite control in Los Angeles so they can conduct a thorough inspection to identify a problem.

Water Damage with No Water

The damage termites leave behind closely resembles that of water damage. However, you will start to notice signs of this damage when there is no water present. You may notice sagging in the walls and ceiling or the appearance of rotting wood that is falling away. If you know for certain you don’t have a water problem, contacting termite professionals will allow you to determine if you are dealing with termites instead so you can get the right treatment.

Early termite control in Los Angeles is critical to ensure your home doesn’t suffer more damage than necessary. Knowing what to look for will allow you to call for help before the problem causes major structural damage that will require expensive home repairs, as well as extermination costs. Termite wings, tunnels outside your home and the appearance of water damage without the presence of water are all potential signs of a termite infestation that require a closer look.