Tips for Calling an Exterminator in Chula Vista

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If you have had any type of bug problem in the past, it’s a good idea to have an exterminator in Chula Vista make a visit every month. The bugs may be gone, but that doesn’t mean they can’t come back at any moment. Of course, you can take a number of measures to prevent them from coming back yourself if you follow the simple steps below, and have your home sprayed monthly by the Exterminator in Chula Vista. Read on for some tips to keep your home bug free.

Bugs, especially roaches, love to be in a cluttered house. If you move out all of the clutter and keep your home clean, you will be able to see a bug as soon as it appears most of the time, and you can take measures to get rid of them before you end up with a full blown infestation.

You need to keep all dirty dishes out of your sinks, which means washing them before bed. You don’t want to leave the dirty dishes in the dishwasher because the bugs will just got there to eat and drink instead. Be sure to run your dishwasher right after the dinner dishes are done. You will want to wipe down all surfaces and dry out your sinks as well in the kitchen and the bathroom because bugs flock to water. Make sure you clean your floors and don’t leave any crumbs lying around. Avoid keeping fruit and other food items on the counters overnight.

It’s even a good idea to put your pet’s food bowls up at night, so the bugs don’t get into the food and water.

Remember roaches come in on grocery bags all of the time, so you will want to throw those away instead of keeping them for trash and other things. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and bugs love to live in bags and old newspapers.

Preventing bugs from invading your home is not as hard as it might seem. Just follow the tips above, let the exterminator spray once a month, and you should be bug free for a long time to come.