Various Roof Systems That Roofing Contractors in Hollywood can Install

Every building whether commercial, residential or industrial requires proper roofing. A well-installed roof acts as protection against harsh weather conditions and animals. The quality of the roof is dependent on the purpose of the building. It is good to leave this work to professionals because expertise and proper tools and equipment are required. Jobe Roofing Company has the best roofing contractors in Hollywood. They have the expertise in installing different roofing systems, and they include:

Hot tar

This is one of the most popular roofing systems from time in memorial. This is because, it is not only reliable and long lasting, but it also offers above average warranty. It is the best system for waterproofing flat or a sloping structure. It however has several disadvantages, which include the smell of tar when installing and requires more labor and equipment compared to the other systems.

Modified bitumen

This is also known as rubberized torch system. This system uses direct flame on the roof. It is preferred by most experts because it’s very direct and easy to install. It also requires less equipment and labor. It’s very flexible and devoid of any smell, unlike the hot tar system. It has several disadvantages over other systems, which include the fact that it is very flammable.


This new system has come to correct the problems with roof membranes and improve them. It does not use tar or direct flame, which makes it advantageous over others. It is also very expensive to install.

Shingle roofing

This is the most affordable roofing system and comes in a variety of styles. It is long lasting, requires low maintenance, and is easy to install.

Cool roof coating

This type of roofing is nowadays becoming popular. Many prefer it because it provides protection against any adverse weather condition; it has a thicker coating than other paints. This system is easy to install and long lasting long lasting. It is also energy efficient especially during the hot season.



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