What to Know About Car Insurance CT

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You know Car Insurance CT is required by law, but you keep taking chances driving without it. Though you may get away with driving without insurance, it can catch up with you at any time. Even the most cautious drivers can get stopped by law enforcement at a road block or involved in accidents. If you are in a routine road block and found to be without insurance, you will have to appear in court and explain. No excuse will get you out of it. The lack of Car Insurance CT after an accident can likewise mean trouble for you. You don’t have to put yourself through this.

The least cover all states require is liability. Liability Car Insurance CT covers the other driver and passengers. A liability policy has three sections: property damage, bodily injury, and uninsured motorist protection. Bodily injury covers the medical expenses and lost wages of the other driver when you are at fault for the accident. If you cause damage to a fence or a parked car on another person’s property, property liability will pay for the damages. In cases where you are not found at fault for an accident and the other driver has no insurance, uninsured motorist protection will compensate you. Note liability insurance will not pay for damages to your vehicle. You need collision cover to pay for damage to your vehicle. Another type of car insurance is comprehensive. Comprehensive pays for damage caused by theft, fires, flooding, or natural disasters.

You may wonder what Car Insurance CT is going to cost you. Car insurance providers use several factors to calculate your premiums. The make of your vehicle, your age, gender, and credit rating can all impact premiums. If you live in a big city, you could be charged higher premiums. Getting multiple citations will also raise your premiums. Of course, some of these things you cannot control like age, gender, or where you live. You can work to get your credit rating up and try to stay a safe driver. You have no excuse to keep driving without car insurance. You are continuing to violate the law. Don’t put your financial future at risk. See HarriganInsurance & Financial Services Inc.