When you Need the Best Family Law Practice in Richardson, Texas

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Your wife is suing you for divorce. You have tried counseling and mediation and still she is filing for divorce. In addition, and to make matters as bad as can be, she is suing you for full custody of your twin girls. She has alleged that you would not be a fit parent for these girls of yours.

You are extremely afraid that the court will side with the mother of the girls and that you will be denied the right of joint custody and denied the opportunity to even see your children. You feel like the court will side with her for what may be some good reasons but you hope to at least get supervised visitation. You may be denied the right to ever have a good and true relationship with your daughters. That is something that will break your heart and maybe theirs as well.

You know that you will need the best parental rights attorneys Richardson. You need to hire attorneys that will not judge you and who will fight for your parental rights. You don’t just need a good attorney, you need the best parental rights attorneys Richardson TX.

You want a law firm that has been in business for decades and has had success in retaining parental rights for their clients. You want them to have vast experience in fighting cases like yours, where there is a danger of one spouse losing custody of the kids and not even having visitation rights.

To find such a law firm, visit the website of Orsinger, Nelson, Downing and Anderson.