All About Aluminum Extrusion Companies

by | Sep 22, 2022 | Aluminum Supplier

When you are looking for aluminum extrusion products, you need to choose the best aluminum extrusion companies, as they will focus 100% of their business on aluminum products. This gives them the upper hand in the industry, as they have extensive specialized knowledge in aluminum. Aluminum extrusion is a process that is possible because of the properties of this metal.

Aluminum Extrusion Process

Because aluminum is so malleable, it is easy to form, machine, and cast. Aluminum has a third of the density of steel, yet products made from aluminum extrusion are stable, strong, and durable. Aluminum extrusion companies can create products in a wide range of shapes. This is a simple process that can produce anything from tongue and groove to self tapping screw slots, and more. You can order what you need, and they can have it produced and delivered in as few as 12 weeks.

Aluminum Extrusion Applications

There are many different applications for aluminum extrusion because it is lightweight and durable. This process is used by custom aluminum extrusion companies to make products for the automobile industry, including chassis of vehicles, engine blocks, roof rails, panels, and more. Body panels can be made thicker than with steel because aluminum is so much lighter. In addition, vehicles made with aluminum are lighter, accelerate more quickly, brake faster, and handle well. Another benefit is that aluminum has a natural resistance to moisture, corrosion, and extreme temperatures, so parts made with this metal last longer. There are many uses for extruded aluminum because it is such a versatile metal.

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