Glossify Your Next Dip Project and Make It Shine

by | Sep 10, 2014 | Business

Plasti Dip dries and gives a spectacular matte finish that is smooth to the touch. This may not be the exact effect you want for your car or art projects, however. If you want to have the sleek glossy effect you need to us Plasti Dip Glossifier. You can also add Glossifier to a regular painted surface of a car and make it even shinier if you desire. Glossifier comes in an aerosol can or by the gallon and is ready to spray. You can easily apply it to smaller projects by brushing it on too. When you want a polished look that gives a crisp and clean look, Glossifier is perfect for you.

Make Your Car Look Like It Has Just Been Polished

Now you can make your car look like it has just been polished, all the time. Glossifier is an enhancer that gives off the effect of laborious polishing. It is easy to apply to Plasti Dip layers that have been previously applied, and has the same lasting qualities too. Just cover your windows and sections you do not want to glossify with newspaper, and dip to your heart’s content. Consider glossing only parts of your vehicle and leaving other areas with the lustrous matte finish. This is a technique that makes your car look absolutely stunning with alternating glossy and matte finishes.

Protect the Interior of Your Car

When you want to keep the original look of your interior, you can easily add Glossifier to areas that may get more use and abuse than others. Add a little gloss to your dash, or apply it to the console between the front seats. You can protect your interior from the sun’s rays and keep it from fading when you dip it with Glossifier.

Add a Little Gloss to Your Home

Rejuvenate your kitchen by adding a coat of Glossifier to your appliances. It will protect the surface and give your appliances a renewed look too. When you dip smaller projects, you may want to use an aerosol can or apply the glossy coating with a brush. You should remove items from your kitchen to dip them if at all possible, and make sure the area is well ventilated. Glossifier is also perfect for art projects. By adding a layer of gloss you are protecting the surface of your creations and giving it a look that is shiny and clean.

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