Safety in the Workplace and Respiratory Fit in Charleston WV

by | Jul 2, 2014 | Healthcare

Occupational health is an industry that ensures the physical, mental and social well being of workers. All industries are subject to occupational health regulations, no matter how safe they may seem. Accidents can happen anywhere, and it’s important to make sure that health and safety are adequate, risks are assessed and managed, and that workers can safely perform their jobs. Occupational health care providers will do drug and alcohol screenings, physical examinations, lab tests, vaccines, handle workers’ compensation claims, and screen for Respiratory Fit in Charleston WV.

One of the most common long-term effects of working in an industrial setting is respiratory problems. A screening for Respiratory Fit in Charleston WV is done by occupational health offices like Physical Exams Incorporated to see what size mask is required for each employee. N95 respirators and similar masks have an air tight fit that ensure dust and other small particles are not inhaled. Most of these masks are manufactured for use in construction and other industrial jobs that expose workers to these hazards.

These respirators are evaluated for effectiveness by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and are appropriately labeled for occupational use. Hospitals will also screen for Respiratory Fit in Charleston WV, Some patients may have airborne diseases, so their caretakers need to wear a mask as to not become infected. The FDA clears these particular masks for use in the health care setting. They are referred to as surgical N95 respirators. These masks meet some of the same performance standards as surgical face masks and are also NIOSH certified to meet the same performance requirements as the respirators for the industrial setting.

Occupational health providers will also provide drug and alcohol screening for new hires, random drug screens, and suspected abuse. DOT Drug Testing is done because studies show that 90% of alcohol abusers and 74% of drug abusers are employed, contrary to popular belief. Substance abusers are more likely to be injured at work, and are more likely to injure a co-worker in the process. They are more likely to file workers’ compensation claims, and medical claims in general tend to be more costly.

The overall goal of occupational health providers is to provide a safe work environment for all employees. Short term and long term injuries have consequences that not only impact ability to be a productive worker in the future, but overall quality of life.

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