Sedation as used by a pediatric dentist

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Most adults are faced with issues when they visit the dentist; potential pain, discomfort and anxiety all come to the fore when the patient is facing dental procedures. It is not only adults that have these issues, so do children, perhaps even more so as they may not understand what is happening. As a result a pediatric dentist in Nassau County NY will turn to sedation, not unlike sedation is used for adults. The pediatric dentist is extremely aware of the differences in tolerance between an adult and a child so the dosage is modified to suit the child’s age, weight, etc. The main types of sedatives that are used on kids include nitrous oxide, oral and IV sedatives.

Foe children the most common form of sedation is the use of nitrous oxide which is commonly known as “laughing gas.” When the child is subjected to sedation he or she remains conscious so they can respond to the directions given by the pediatric dentist in Nassau County NY. Although conscious, the little patient is far more relaxed than kids normally are. Laughing gas is ideal for children as it wears off right away after the procedure has been completed as when the nitrous oxide is cut off it is replaced with oxygen for a few minutes. This solution is considered ideal as there are no side effects or major risks associated with it.

As well as laughing gas a pediatric dentist may opt for oral conscious sedation given to the patient in liquid form. The child will become drowsy and relaxed but will remain awake during the procedure. Oral conscious sedatives do not wear off as quickly as laughing gas; it may take several hours for the effect to completely wear off. In many cases the dentist will keep the child under close watch while still in the office just in case there may be some troublesome side effects as some kids find that this solution causes them to have an upset stomach while other children become quite hyperactive. After effects are rare, most kids just feel relaxed and eventually come around with no problems.

There are dental procedures that cause the dentist to use IV sedation, a third type. IV sedation is only used by those who are experienced in administering anesthesia. The sedative that is normally used is propofol, it is injected just under the skin, the child will feel nothing more than he or she would if they were given a shot. The child is kept under very close monitoring during the procedure, the parents usually have to carry the child to the car and let him or her simply rest for the remainder of the day.

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