See the Dentists in Chicago for Crowns

by | Dec 4, 2013 | Dentist

When you have a severe cavity or damage in your tooth, it can cause permanent damage that can be severe. When this damage occurs, not only does your tooth begin to look unsightly, but it also can become unstable and prone to further damage. When this happens, there is often one last treatment considered before the tooth needs to be extracted. The reliable dentists in Chicago will often inform a patient they are in need of a crown. A crown can be placed over the tooth, completely covering it and providing it with a more stable structure, so it does not experience any damage and you are able to chew normally.

How Is a Crown Placed Over a Tooth?

When the dentist first begins the process of giving you a crown, you will need to have an anesthetic. These injections will prevent you from feeling any pain during the procedure so you stay as comfortable as possible. Once you are completely numb in the tooth area, the dentist will begin to carefully shape and round the tooth. This removes a large surface area of the tooth, making it into a smaller peg shape. This shape fits in snugly with the crown, providing a perfect fit.

Before the dentist places the crown over your tooth permanently, he or she will test the crown for a good fit. It is important the crown fits snugly so food cannot enter under the crown and cause decay and pain. Once the dentist is sure the crown fits well and does not interfere with your bite, he or she will place a strong dental adhesive over the tooth and will put the crown in place, making a permanent bond.

Crowns can prevent you from losing your teeth and can last for several years, with proper care and routine maintenance. It is important you follow your dentists in Chicago instructions so you can make sure you do not cause damage to your crown.

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