What Are The Benefits Of Pet Grooming In Alexandria, VA?

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In Virginia, pet owners get the most out of vet visits by exploring all the services available to them. A veterinarian clinic offers comprehensive healthcare for all pet breeds. In addition to checkups and testing, many clinics provide grooming services. Veterinarians explain the benefits of Pet Grooming in Alexandria, VA.

Eliminating Harsh Odors

The services help pet owners eliminate harsh odors and keep their pets smelling fresh. The groomers provide a wealth of products that lift and remove bacteria and other substances that cause odors. The grooming services keep the pet free of offensive odors for a longer period.

Improving the Pet’s Coat

Groomers apply conditioners and professional-grade shampoos that improve the way the pet’s coat looks. Detanglers eliminate matted sections of the fur and allow the groomers to brush through it with ease. The products make it easier to remove loose hair and prevent hairballs. Groomers style the pet’s fur if the pet owner prefers.

Managing Pests in the Pet’s Fur

Fleas and ticks are common pests that affect pets. Grooming products are available to kill the pests quickly and remove their eggs. The staff applies the products thoroughly and allows them to remain on the pet to eliminate the fleas and ticks. Next, they wash off the solution and remove dead fleas and ticks along with any eggs in the pet’s fur. Vets recommend a once-a-month application unless the pet is on prescription medication for the pests.

Addressing Complex Skin Conditions

Complex skin conditions require topical treatments or other medications to control them. Common skin conditions, such as dandruff are treated with conditioning shampoos. Mange is treated with topical treatments and require the pet owner to apply additional creams to soothe the skin.

In Virginia, pet owners visit the veterinarian clinic to keep their pets healthy and happy. The services address prevailing concerns about the pet’s health and underlying conditions. Grooming services are provided by the staff to keep the pets smelling nice and make them feel great. Some services improve their fur and eliminate tangles. Pet owners who want to learn more about Pet Grooming in Alexandria VA are encouraged to Visit us for an appointment for further details now.