What you Need to Know About Well Pumps Service

by | Mar 19, 2014 | Water Wells

Professional and consistent Well Pumps Service is mandatory for pumps to perform their function effectively. This is true regardless of whether it is being used for commercial or residential purposes. An effective pump ensures that the well is functional as well, because the process of extracting water from the well into your household system relies on the pumping system.

Installation of a Well Pump

There are two types of water well pumps: the shallow well jet jump and the submersible pump. The difference between these two is in their pumping mechanism. The level of water inside the well determines the type of well pump that you should install. Thus, the shallow well jet pump is the most effective pump when the water is close to the surface. On the other hand, the submersible pump is better suited to deeper wells. Proper installation is quite technical and may and even be dangerous, especially when the well is deep. This is why you need to seek professional services help from a credible company, ensuring that the pump is installed to function excellently without any hitches.

Maintenance and Repair

Since water is undoubtedly an important element in any household, consistently ensuring that the pump at optimal condition is a high priority. To this end, professionals recommend that the pumps undergo regular maintenance to ensure that the water supply and flow remain steady.

Maintenance also encompasses inspection by a certified contractor in order to monitor the functionality of pump and also to determine its pumping power. The contractor also inspects the level of water in the well, which is important especially for the submersible pump which has to be immersed deep. In instances where the well pump has malfunctioned, it has to be repaired to ensure continuity in the flow of water. It would be a major convenience if for instance, the shower was to cut abruptly because of a malfunction with the well pump. Examples of failures in functionality include:

Reduced or no water pressure

Intermittent cycling

Short cycling

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