Don’t Overlook Your Garage Door Springs

Did you ever stop to think about how easy it is to lift your garage door, considering how heavy it is? Even with an automatic garage door opener, your garage door probably opens much more smoothly than you would expect it to given the effort of such a relatively small motor. The secret behind this wonder of household physics is garage door springs. Click here for more details.

How Garage Door Springs Work
The springs do most of the heavy lifting in the garage door mechanism. The springs stretch when the garage door is closed, thus creating tension and an impulse for the door to move upward (although it can’t because it is secured in a closed position). When the door is lifted, the heavy-duty springs are able to relax, compressing themselves and releasing the tension by helping to pull the door upward. If you open your garage door by hand, you can clearly feel the extra lift the springs provide from the very moment the door begins to move.

Keeping Springs Working in Garage Doors
Garage doors mechanisms, like any mechanisms, work better and last longer when given regular maintenance. On a regular basis, springs should be checked for cracks or any loss of elasticity. Screws and bolts should be tightened regularly, while springs and any other moving parts should be lubricated. All parts of the garage door mechanism should be checked for unusual wear patterns and excessively worn parts, including springs, should be replaced when necessary. Garage doors should be balanced and adjusted regularly, too, so that they open and close smoothly to ensure there is less jarring, which damages springs and other key parts. It is almost always cheaper to do regular maintenance and prevent a malfunction than it is to repair a garage door after a malfunction occurs.

Dangers of Springs in Garage Doors
The danger with the springs in garage doors basically comes down to tension. The springs are coiled tightly and are often under a lot of tension, so if one breaks free, particularly while you are trying to adjust it or repair it, the tension could be released suddenly and violently, seriously injuring anyone nearby. When you think about all of the garage door springs that Atlanta homes have working at any given moment, pulling up and being pulled down under tension, it’s amazing that more people aren’t injured.

If your garage door springs are starting to squeak and creak or you just know it’s time to service them, contact the trained professionals at AmeriServ. As Atlanta’s garage door repair specialists, their experts can maintain, repair and replace garage door springs both safely and affordably.

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