3 CBD Products You Have to Try

CBD oil and oil based products have become extremely popular in health and wellness communities. The compound is known for its health benefits and relaxing side effects and has been approved for use in thousands of over-the-counter medicines and treats. Although the compound is well known, some people are still quite unfamiliar with the range of products available to CBD enthusiasts. Here are three CBD based products that you should try soon!

CBD Oil Tinctures

Unlike plain CBD oil, tinctures combine the healing benefits of the CBD compound with the rich and revitalizing benefits of carrier oils and herbs. Tinctures can include oils like hemp seed oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, and others to achieve the desired wellness benefit. These oils can offer benefits like pain relief, muscle relaxation, anxiety reduction, and mental clarity.

CBD Bath Bombs

CBD bath bombs are wonderful products for exploring the full range of relaxation. Used primarily for muscle relaxation and meditation, CBD bath bombs offer a wonderful combination of essential oils and CBD oils to treat achy body parts. If you Contact Green Infusion, a premier shop for CBD products, you can receive information about all of the various CBD bath bomb ingredients!

CBD Toothpaste

While its not as popular as CBD oil tinctures, CBD toothpaste in Charleston WV is rising in popularity. Combined with hemp oil, cbd provides an anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, and anti fungal property that makes it an amazing toothpaste. More information about CBD toothpaste can be found at Green Infusion’s company page.

If you are looking for CBD toothpaste in Charleston WV, contact Green Infusion or call us today!