3 Common Reasons For Medical Malpractice In Vicksburg, MS Caused By A Primary-Care Physician

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Mississippi and other states throughout the country have experienced a higher volume of medical-malpractice lawsuits in which the primary-care physician was the defendant. In fact, they make up at least sixteen percent of all medically-related lawsuits filed each year, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians. A Medical Malpractice Vicksburg MS is an error that could have been avoided; you should file a claim if you became a victim of these circumstances. You need to visit Website domain.

Malpractice Cases Related to Primary-Care Physicians

1. Missed Diagnosis: While preventative care methods and testing opportunities have advanced, some physicians refuse to roll with the times and continue to use outdated and ineffective options. This choice limits the doctor’s ability to discover conditions earlier and take action. In these cases, the condition isn’t discovered until it has reached a detrimental stage. The most common conditions that are not discovered under these circumstances are cancer, meningitis, and cardiovascular disease. These cases make up to sixty percent of medical-malpractices associated with a primary doctor.

2. Wrong Prescriptions: According to statistics, malpractice cases related to prescribing the wrong medication equate up to twenty percent of the whole spectrum. This includes prescribing medications that are not used to treat the patient’s condition or that will have a damaging reaction with other medicines he or she takes regularly.

3. Failing to Provide Medication: When doctors are aware of more effective medications and chosen not to prescribe them, they are liable if the patient’s condition worsens. For example, a doctor refuses to allow their patient access to chemotherapy due to their own personal reasoning. This failure creates a liability and a case for the victim or their family.

The point of medical-malpractice lawsuits is not simply to acquire compensation for the victim. They are also necessary to expose unethical doctors who don’t place the needs and health of their patients first. Through Medical Malpractice Vicksburg MS litigation, public exposure is possible and in some cases; the judge can strip the doctor or their license. If you were the victim of a medical-malpractice caused by your primary-care physician, contact Law Office of Dean Andrews Jr today.