3 Crucial Roles Played by a Criminal Attorney in Hattiesburg MS

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Criminal charges differ from civil cases because upon conviction, you will get a heavier sentence for a criminal charge. When you have been arrested with criminal charges, you will need to think about getting a lawyer because this raises your chances of a better hearing or getting the case dropped. Here are some reasons you will benefit from hiring a Criminal Attorney in Hattiesburg MS.

Evidence collection

Winning a criminal case or getting the charges dropped doesn’t not always depend on who was right or wrong. It depends on the type of defense that you form for yourself. A good Criminal Attorney in Hattiesburg MS will take time and re-examine the evidence that has been submitted by the DA or other prosecutor. They will try and poke holes into the evidence to render it inadmissible if possible. They can also help in getting a subpoena for the case files and records submitted into evidence, especially the evidence collected at the crime scene. They will get a professional to re-examine the crime scene evidence and see if they can come up with exonerating evidence.

Making sure the case does not go to trial

With a good criminal lawyer, your criminal case doesn’t even have to go to trial. They will know the right people to talk to you to get you a favorable deal. For instance, if you are in on a drug trafficking charge, they may get you deal where you collaborate with the authorities to get the main suppliers arrested and get you a lighter punishment or even place you in a witness protection program.

Representation in court

If the case goes into trial, the lawyer will offer you representation. Their experience will guide them in studying the jury and finding ways of appealing to them so that they can feel inclined to rule in your favor. They will also formulate a line of defense that is both credible and persuasive. If they cannot get you an acquittal, they will at least try and get you the least severe punishment possible for the crime. In case a case is ruled against you and you want another hearing, they will get you an appeal.

These are the reasons you should hire a Criminal Attorney in Hattiesburg MS. T Michael Reed doubles as a criminal and boat accident lawyer in town.