3 Reasons Your Car Batteries Died On You

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You see sunny skies, the weather is warm and you get behind the wheel. You drive to work, thinking it’s a good day—at least until you find your car dying on you in the middle of a busy highway. Think it’s your car’s batteries again? Here are a few signs to help you find out if you need new batteries or not:

Your car battery is old

If you’ve been using your car batteries for three to four years now, then that’s probably one reason why they keep dying on you. So toss that over for a new one already. Otherwise, your car problems will only continue.

Your driving habits kill your batteries

Short trips don’t do your car batteries any favors. Neither do long periods of rest and inactivity. You need to keep driving your car regularly. Go for long trips occasionally. This keeps your batteries in tune and in shape. Improve your driving habits and you’ll see the positive effects on your car batteries and their performance soon enough.

You’ve got leaky batteries

Check out your battery for corrosion or stains. If you find any of these, then that means you’ve got a leaky battery on your hands, says how Stuff Works. If your battery is inside a case, then remove that case or insulating sleeve regularly to check up on the condition of your car batteries. You can clean the terminals of any buildup. Just use safety gear before you start. Gloves and safety glasses are a must.

So when your car breaks down, check out your auto batteries. If it’s old or leaky, then take it out and install a new one in its place. That should take care of your problems right enough. Don’t put off replacing your batteries for too long so it won’t lead to bigger problems for you in the future. For more information please visit Motor City Battery Company. You can also connect with them on Facebook.