3 Signs That Indicate the Possibility of Nursing Home Abuse

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Placing loved ones in nursing homes is supposed to be a way to ensure they receive care and attention. In most cases, that’s what happens. At other times, some type of nursing home abuse occurs. Could your loved one in New Lenox be dealing with abuse? Any one of these three signs could indicate it’s time to take action.

A Change in Personality

Residents who go from being outgoing and enjoying activities to withdrawing from everyone may be victims of abuse. Even when loved ones visit, the resident barely speaks and won’t look directly at the visitors. This could be because the abuser has threatened the resident with retaliation if he or she says or does anything that reveals what’s happening. If your loved one has a sudden change in personality, it could be due to nursing home abuse in New Lenox.

A Change in Hygiene

There was a time when your loved one was diligent with personal hygiene. Lately, it’s obvious that bathing is not done regularly. There are also stains on clothing, something that was never acceptable before. It could be that your loved one is attempting to be less of a target by the abuser. Now is the time to find out if anything untoward is taking place.

A Noticeable Weight Loss

It’s not unusual for a New Lenox victim of nursing home abuse to stop eating unless forced to do so. The result is an unhealthy amount of weight loss. Rather than assuming the loss has to do with getting older, consider the possibility that some form of abuse is taking place. If so, it’s time to take action.

If you see anything that could signal abuse, contact a lawyer immediately. Find out what options are available to gather evidence and remove your loved one from the facility. With the help of your lawyer, it’s possible to stop the abuse, ensure your loved one is in a safe place, and see that the abuser is brought to justice.