3 Surprisingly Common Boat Engine Problems and Repairs in Phoenix, AZ

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Phoenix may be in the desert, but there’s no shortage of boating opportunities. Several lakes can be found just a few hours away. If that doesn’t satisfy you, it will take less than a day’s drive to reach the Pacific Ocean. Thanks to Arizona’s warm climate, boat owners here get to enjoy a longer boating season, as well. Unfortunately, this means more opportunities for your boat engine to develop problems. If you’re a new boat owner, here are three common engine problems that may surprise you.

Surprisingly Common Boat Engine Problems and Repairs

1. Strange Vibrations

All engines and motors will vibrate and make some noise. However, changes in the intensity, frequency, or even pitch of the vibrations can be an indication of damage. On a boat engine, damage to the propeller is the most likely cause of abnormal vibrating. If you can’t see any visual evidence of a damaged propeller yourself, you may need to consult a professional in boat engine repair in Phoenix, AZ.

2. Sudden Engine Failure

If your engine stops without warning, the first step is to ensure you haven’t run out of fuel. If there is fuel in the tank and the engine won’t turn back on, the most likely culprit is some sort of electrical failure. Boats are especially prone to electrical issues because of water exposure, which can result in corrosion of metal parts.

3. Overheating Engine

Typically, boat engines can cool themselves using the same water they’re floating on. An overheating engine suggests that there is something wrong with the exhaust system, preventing proper cycling of water. Without boat engine repair in Phoenix, AZ, a simple overheating problem can quickly lead to a dead engine.