3 Things You Can Do to Help Your Personal Injury Claim in Tucson

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When you’re injured in any type of accident, one of your first actions should be to consult an experienced lawyer for personal injury in Tucson, AZ. An attorney can evaluate your claim and help you determine the best action to take. If you hire an experienced lawyer to handle your case, you can help them get a fair settlement for you by following a few good practices.

Don’t Delay Your Medical Treatment

As soon after the accident as possible, you should undergo a medical evaluation and begin receiving treatment for your injuries., Delaying could cause your condition to worsen. Additionally, the defense or their insurance company could assert that your injuries aren’t as serious as you claim if you didn’t seek treatment right away.

Don’t Discuss Your Case

You should also avoid talking about your case with anyone. This is especially true in regard to your social media use. In fact, most lawyers will recommend to their clients that they stay off social media altogether. A post or a comment on someone else’s post can be taken out of context. Sometimes, a misconstrued statement is all it takes to sabotage a personal injury claim.

Cancel Your Plans

If you have plans to attend a wedding or to take a family vacation, it’s in your best interest to cancel those plans. Until your case is settled, it will be helpful to your lawyer for personal injury in Tucson, AZ, if you maintain a discreet personal schedule. Even though going to a beach party may not adversely affect your condition, it may look suspicious to the defendant or insurance company. It may also look odd to a jury if your personal injury case goes to court.