3 Ways to Find Bail Bondsmen in Canton, Texas That You Can Trust

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Getting arrested is a very stressful event. Getting out of jail is even more stressful. Your bail may be set too high for you to afford on your own, and you will need to call a bail bondsman for help. With all the bail bond companies vying for your attention in the area, you need to know which is best for you. Here are three ways to find the best bondsman in your county.

Be Sure You Know the Bail Amount

The judge sets your bail based on the severity of the charges, and the likelihood that you will flee or not show up to court. Find out exactly how much your bail is before you start talking to bond agencies. You can find out your exact bail amount by calling the county courthouse.

Ask Your Lawyer for Suggestions

Your lawyer has probably worked with many bail bondsmen in Canton, Texas and can give you recommendations for the best bondsman.

Know the Bail Bondsman’s Fees

Different bondsmen have different fees and policies. Look for bondsmen with fees that are within your price range. Most require upfront payment for 10% of the total bail amount. Be leery of bondsmen advertising fees that are too low, as these bondsmen usually don’t have as much experience.

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