3 Ways to Prepare For an Administrative or Court Hearing in Chicago

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If you have to go to administrative hearings in Chicago, you will need to plan ahead. What happens during these events could significantly impact your future rights. Here are the top three things you can do when it comes to courtroom etiquette appropriate behavior and preparing for your court appearance.


Arrive early. Leave yourself plenty of time to find parking and your room. How you conduct yourself in administrative hearings in Chicago is vital. You will want to be respectful of the process. Strive to remain in control of your emotions. Avoid making funny faces, loud sighs, or smirks. Some people might view your gestures as rude or offensive.


Be courteous to all of the people and employees at the courthouse. If you have strong feelings for the other people in the room, do your best to ignore them. When the judge or jury pool comes into the room, you need to stand up. You should not talk to anyone on the jury. Have all of your paperwork organized so that you can quickly get what you need. Be sure to turn off your cell phone and other electronics.


Wear business attire or something conservative. Slacks and a blouse or a button-up shirt are appropriate, but if possible, opt for a blazer and tie or a corporate-style dress. You will want to avoid wearing a t-shirt that makes a statement, sweatpants, or short shorts. For more assistance with courtroom etiquette appropriate behavior and preparing for your court appearance, contact Johnson & Goldrich, P.C. today