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Have you always dreamed of going to law school? Are you too busy earning a living to attend law school during the day? Do not let that stop you from attaining the law degree you desire. Did you know that you can receive a Quality Law Education that fits into your time and budget? Yes, you can keep your day job and work towards becoming a lawyer at night.

Check out the Pacific Coast University School of Law. With a staff that includes lawyers and judges you can be assured of receiving a Quality Law Education. With classes limited to fifty participants or less you are guaranteed the individualized attention you deserve while receiving your education. You will not disappear in a large lecture hall.

Pacific Coast University School of Law caters to the nontraditional student. You will be attending classes with other adults that are trying to fit their education around their lives.

You may wonder if you can receive a Quality Law Education at an affordable price. Yes, you can. With low cost tuition and affordable payment plans your law degree is well within your budget. Cost is no longer an excuse for not pursuing your law degree.

How long will it take you to complete your degree? That depends on you. The standard track is four years long. Yes, in four short years you will receive a Quality Law Education which prepares you to take the California Bar Exam. Imagine graduating with your law degree only four years from now.

With the convenience of night classes you can still support your family while you work towards a better future. The Quality Law Education you receive from attending the Pacific Coast University School of Law is an investment in your future. Every class you attend will get you one step closer to leaving that low paying, dead end job.

Now you can afford a Quality Law Education. It is the perfect time to pursue that goal of attending law school. With night classes that will fit into your busy schedule there is no excuse to put off your dream.

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