4 Tips for a Successful Contingent Workforce Strategy in the United States

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Today, more organizations are making the strategic decision to use contingent workforce solutions. They recognize that by doing so, they can fill skills gaps, reduce payroll costs and increase worker flexibility.

These and other significant benefits are why this industry continues to evolve and grow. Here are four ways that you can implement a successful solution to having contingent workers.

1. Evaluate Your Current Staffing Structure

Getting the full benefits of contingent staffing requires taking a closer look at your current situation. This involves understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your workforce.

With this understanding, you can make better choices in hiring contingent staff. Also, the solutions you implement will target what you need today and how the workforce may grow in the future.

2. Strive for the Right Balance

Even if you have a low retention rate, your company will experience changes in employment. Changes in business strategy, new marketing opportunities and new projects can impact skill requirements and staffing levels.

With this in mind, always strive to maintain a balance to avoid fewer last-minute changes to hiring the right people. Make sure recruitment strategies for a contingent workforce is part of your overall business strategy.

3. Expand Contract Worker Expectations

More often than not, hiring contingent workers is not the same today as it was in the past. Rather than bringing in workers for short-term projects, they can fill positions indefinitely. This requires a shift in how these workers are viewed within the company.

Expand the expectations of these workers because they are more than people filling a talent gap to save costs. They are making a considerable contribution to the success of your business.

4. Partner with a Contingent Workforce Company

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