5 Important Door Hardware in Tucson Considerations

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While purchasing, installing and maintaining any door hardware in Tucson, one of the first considerations is how it will be used. In other words, you need to consider the door type the hardware is going to be attached to.

General door types commonly available include bedroom, front, interior and exterior doors. You also need to consider whether the device serves as a utility, style or safety gadget. Most often, if something were to go wrong with the door, homeowners blame the entryway. However, your door is only as dependable as the hardware attached to it and most problems occur when the inner workings of the equipment do not match the outer function of the door.

As you shop around for door hardware, here are five simple considerations to get the best.


Door locksets are the most vital parts of the entryway. You need to locate locks that provide modern systems and are durable. Other safety concerns are:

* Choose locks that are easy maintenance

* Select reliable locks

* For exterior doors, select the cylinder dead bolt lock

* For glass porch doors, choose a double cylinder lock

Your Latch

Apart from safety, you need to consider the handle. Traditional interior doors have secure handle locks that are easy to bypass with a simple hairpin. This vulnerability is an asset in the event someone locks him or herself in. However, it is crucial to ensure that the doors close and open without much effort, meaning you need to ensure that the latches catch properly.

Aesthetic Value

Although functionality is essential, you also need to ensure that all entryways in your home look good. One way to do this is by matching all door hardware. One of the most popular trends is going retro for both interior and exterior doors.


Door hardware is much more than just hinges and latches. You need to consider all the various components including:

* Spring door-stoppers and kick plates for added protection for the walls

* Doorknockers for the entrance

* Hangers behind bathroom doors


Last but important, is ensuring that your doors are functional. Maintenance tips include:

* Always ensure that all outer and inner workings run smoothly

* A locksmith should repair broken locks immediately

* Ensure doors close and open smoothly

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