5 Reasons to Consider Installing Hurricane Impact Doors in Miami, FL

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A hurricane-safe door is a must for South Florida residents. While hurricane impact doors in Miami protect against storms, they offer many other advantages too. Here’s why installing these doors is a good investment.

1. Prevent Injuries: The average front door doesn’t do as good of a job at protecting one’s family during a storm. Hurricane-proof doors are built tougher to withstand flying debris. The impact-safe materials used mean there’s less of a chance of becoming injured by shattered glass and wind-blown debris.

2. Upgrade the Home’s Security: Hurricane-impact doors do more than protect the home during severe storms. They also protect the home from burglary and theft. These doors withstand blunt force from bricks, sledgehammers, and other instruments would-be criminals might use to gain entry to the house.

3. Reduce Energy Loss: Hurricane-proof doors are built to not allow anything to get through them. These storm doors are sealed tight, not allowing for any cracks or weak spots. What this means is that these doors are extremely energy efficient. They insulate the home well and don’t allow for energy loss.

4. Less Noise Pollution: Homeowners who live in crowded areas will enjoy learning that hurricane-impact doors reduce noise pollution. Their construction does more than keep wind and rain out of the house. They also keep noise levels in check.

5. Increase the Home’s Value: Installing hurricane impact doors in Miami raises a property’s value significantly.

To learn more about how much value is added, and for other questions, contact Armando Gonzalez Remodeling Inc., online at https://armandoremodeling.com.