5 steps to Increase your social engagement with Facebook #Hashtags and Twitter Inputs

by | Aug 7, 2013 | Business

Social mediaSocial media offers the opportunity to engage in real time conversations, see what people are talking about and encourage them to talk even more specifically with the simple introduction of a # (hashtag).  Here are five steps you can use to help increase your social engagement using hashtags:

1. Test Your Headlines: Headlines on Twitter are even more important than headlines on a newspaper or content on a Google search. Twitter headlines are like the subject line on a strong email campaign, the icing on a birthday cake or the sales tag on a Chanel purse. They grab attention and because Twiiter pages are so text intense that is all people are scanning for when looking at a Twitter stream. Make sure your headlines are effective and continue to test them and if they aren’t working change your approach. The best way to test your headlines is to try reposting with a new headline and see if it does any better or worse. Use the one that is the most effective.

2. Master Your Hashtags: You have to think of hashtags the same way you do keywords. Remember you are probably not the only one using the hashtag so be certain you are choosing one that makes sense and that will attract attention to your cause. The right hashtags will help you attract new followers and re-engage those who are already followers by introducing new topics for them to follow.

3. Start Using Twitter Cards: Twitter what? Twitter cards help increase clicks. They require a little more work as you need to add code to activate them. You also have to apply for Twitter cards and choose which kind of card you wish to use. There are seven types of cards allowing you to add everything from a single photo to an entire gallery and an App to a video.

4. Add Hashtags to Your Facebook Posts: The ability to add hashtags on Facebook means people will find your Facebook content more quickly. Adding a hashtag to all of your posts just makes sense and should become habit.

5. Include Hashtags in Your Headings: This will save valuable space on your tweets.

Social media is becoming the medium of choice for businesses to connect and stay connected with their customers and potential customers. Using hashtags will help increase your optics.

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