6 Tips on How to Pick the Best Plumbing Contractors

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Choosing the best plumbing contractor will pay off big-time. Sloppy plumbing jobs can become very expensive, especially in the event of a major leak down the road. It’s worth taking the time and effort to find the best local plumbing contractor for the job that needs to be done.

  • It’s obvious, perhaps, but check the credentials of the contractors. Do they have required licenses? Are they bonded? Are they certified for any specialties (such as sewer or drains or gas installations)? Ask how long the company has been in business and if they have a showroom. That will help to separate the newbies from those who have been servicing customers in the community for some time.
  • Especially if it’s a big job, ask for references from past customers. At times, it’s possible to take a look at the quality of work done for someone else.
  • Many people will get at least two estimates from Plumbing Contractors for work they need done. However, that’s just the first step. It’s necessary to look at more than just the bottom line and not be comparing apples and oranges. For example, one contractor may strip his bid to the bare minimum, but when essentials that are needed are added in later, the price will become much higher. Talk to the contractors about their bids, especially the one with the highest total. Ask straight-out why their bid is the highest. The ultimate goal is to find out what a properly-done project will actually cost.
  • Are the Plumbing Contractors able to handle a wide variety of plumbing jobs? Even if they are not needed for those other services today, it’s nice to have an established relationship with someone for future work.
  • Will this company be available in an emergency? Finding someone out of the phone book when they are needed ‘immediately’ is never the best plan.
  • Do they stand behind their work? Are there any guarantees and, if so, what exactly is being guaranteed? Is it written on the estimate or quote?

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