A Basic Overview of French Drains in Cambridge MA

While rain is important to keeping your yard looking its best, it can pose several problems around your home. Too much rain may lead to flooding. That’s why it’s so important to keep water away from your foundation. Installing French drains in Cambridge MA is a great way to do just that.

What Is a French Drain?

A French drain is a series of trenches and slopes designed to redirect water away from a home’s foundation. The land around the house is regraded, ensuring water naturally flows in another direction. French drains in Cambridge MA are especially helpful at houses that are situated on the base of a hill.


Flooding is huge concern for homeowners. Not only is it difficult to clean up after a flood, but water may also lead to other costly problems, including mold. By redirecting running water to another location, French drains may help to reduce pooling water. This in turn keeps the foundation dry.

If the foundation of a home gets wet, it may lead to flooding. This is especially true in homes with a basement. Wet foundations are also more likely to crack or sink. Installing a French drain is one of the most effective ways to keep water out of your house.

How to Install

Many homeowners are able to install a French drain system on their own; however, this takes a lot of expertise and knowledge. In order to build a high quality, effective French drain, you must have enough knowledge about land grading. Specific tools are also needed.

A French drain system consists of a series of graded trenches. Water that enters the one of the trenches is directed to another designated location. Blueprints should be made before beginning the project. If you hire a professional, you can expect your new French drain to be fully installed in just a few days.

If you notice flooding around your home’s foundation following a rainstorm, it may be time to consider adding a French drain. This is one of the best ways to reduce the risk of flooding. Visit Drycretewp.com to learn about other ways to keep your foundation dry.