A Brief History of Mexican Food in Las Vegas

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Mexican food is very popular in the US, with many a good restaurant to be found in almost any location. It should be noted, however, that what Americans associate with Mexican food can sometimes vary a great deal from the real thing. Over time, various food types have been altered to better suit American tastes, sometimes due to complaints that more authentic styles are too spicy or perhaps too greasy. Some key ingredients do remain, such as beans and corn, but other things have been added or taken away and that is what gives us the Mexican Food Las Vegas we typically experience today in American restaurants.

Take for example the quesadilla. Many consider it a symbol of Mexican food, but in fact it is something of a hybrid, partially based on what was available to indigenous peoples and partially based on what was brought to Mexico from Spain. The meats and cheeses used are considered to be of Spanish influence, while the standard corn tortilla is a Native American creation, and any hot sauces used made from chili peppers are also indigenous items. Quesadillas are common in essentially all Mexican restaurants and have generally come to be considered authentic. Most modern Mexican foods that are considered authentic today are similar to the quesadilla in that they have their roots in actually being hybrid foods consisting of foods that were available to ancient cultures such as the Aztecs and Mayas, and foods brought over by Spaniards, including a wide variety of meats from animals that were not found in the Americas. When these food types came together, it greatly expanded the style and variety of dishes that could be prepared and changed the way the original “authentic” Mexican food was thought of forever.

An interesting fact about more modern traditional Mexican foods is that many times it may contain chocolate, even when it’s something consisting of meats and many spices. Chocolate is a genuinely Mexican creation, beginning originally as a bitter tasting beverage, rather than a sweetened food item. It was considered a highly important product, and was even used as currency for a time, as it was unknown outside of the land that is now known as Mexico. As it evolved over time, chocolate was added to an assortment of foods, largely for its savory properties. Many a traditional dish, when made in a truly authentic manner, will still contain chocolate today, though this can be almost impossible to find in any restaurant. It is sometimes possible to obtain these types of foods in Mexican grocery stores or similar stores where genuine Mexican food can be purchased.

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