A checklist for roof inspection

by | Apr 9, 2013 | Roofing

Once a year, a homeowner should inspect the roof of his house; this inspection will help in early identification of any problems that may become serious if left to go any longer. Asphalt shingle roofing in Derby is a roofing material that has peculiar traits that makes inspection doubly important.

Tile roofs and asphalt shingle roofs are commonly used. Due to the manner in which shingles are installed, and the composition of the shingle, it is more prone to damage than other roofing materials. The same traits however, make it rather easy to repair.

The roof inspection:

It is totally possible to inspect the roof of your home from the ground. All you need is a good pair of binoculars. Although a general overview of the condition of your roofing in Derby can be made from the ground, a close-up inspection may reveal things that cannot be seen from the ground.

If you are going to go on the roof, remember, it is a dangerous place. If the pitch of the roof is steep, you are advised to call a roofing company who has the right equipment and skills. If you feel you can accomplish the inspection, work with a helper who can position the ladder and steady it as you move around the perimeter of the house.

Once you are comfortably on the roof, keep looking for any shingles that are loose or broken, any nails that have risen up and any debris. Hammer the nails back down and remove all debris. Any shingles which are broken will need replacing. Loose shingles and shingles that need replacing should be fixed with both adhesive and nails.

Deterioration of the covering of the roofing in Derby can be spotted if the gutter has a significant amount of coloured granular material in it. When these grains begin to separate from the shingle, the asphalt is exposed; the asphalt itself is a good barometer of how much longer your roof will last without replacement. It may be a few years yet, but depending on the weather conditions, a replacement may be in order soon.


Check all the gutters. If there is a build-up of rotted leaves and other materials, this in itself can cause a backup which may allow water to creep under the shingles and allow for the formation of mould. Keeping the gutter system clean is an excellent way to extend the integrity of your roof.


Flashing is used wherever there is a transition from your roof to another part of your home, such as vent pipes and the chimney. Make sure the flashing has not become loose or cracked. If the flashing is made from tin, look for rust. If any flashings are found that are compromised, repair them with caulking compound or have them replaced.


If you are uncomfortable doing the annual inspection of your roofing in Derby, contact W R Leivers Roofing. They are professionals and can take care of any of your roofing needs from inspection to repair to complete replacement.

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