A Commercial Landscape in Broomfield Co is Attractive and Safe to Use

Business owners know that it’s important to maintain the exterior of their buildings and the grounds that surround it. This sends a signal to customers that the business is successful and will be around for years to come. A Commercial Landscape Broomfield CO company understands the special design needs of public spaces. In addition to being attractive, they have to be safe for many types of people to use. This includes parents with strollers and older people with walkers. Handicapped access has to be incorporated into the design and convenient to use. If the property isn’t safe, the property owner could face costly lawsuits.

A professional landscape service knows how to design public spaces. They ensure that walkways are easy and safe to navigate. They have to be wide enough for mobility scooters traveling in both directions. If there is a sudden change in grade, there should be handrails for pedestrians to use. If necessary, they will install steps along the side. Benches create a friendly atmosphere and provide places for people to rest. Everyone enjoys looking at beautiful flowers, when they are sitting on an outdoor bench. A Commercial Landscape Broomfield CO company understands that flowers in public spaces have to stand up to a lot of wear and tear. This includes the pollution from cars and small children and pets playing in them. All plants should be non-poisonous to protect children and animals. Browse website for information.

Once a landscape plan has been installed and designed, it has to be maintained. This protects the business owner’s investment and keeps the property safe to use. It’s important that all of the bushes be kept properly pruned and low to the ground. They should never be higher than two feet. This prevents a person from using them as a place to attack someone. People feel safer in public spaces when all areas are visible to the street. Branches on tall trees should be kept pruned so that they don’t fall on cars or people. Wards Lawn Service is one of the companies that provide commercial landscaping services in Broomfield, CO. They are happy to meet with business owners to discuss their needs.