A Disability Lawyer in Oklahoma City, OK Provides Personalized Attention to Clients Filing for Benefits

Facing the prospect of long-term or permanent disability can be a scary and depressing event. The person wonders whether his quality of life will ever be very good again and how he will make ends meet financially. Filing for Social Security disability benefits is an important step to making sure that the individual’s financial situation does not entirely unravel. A Disability Lawyer in Oklahoma City, OK can provide representation at any hearings that are required and appeal any denials. The attorney also can help with the initial claim filing if the individual is unable to complete this task on his own.

The attorney can be of assistance for a person who is dealing with a chronic illness, a disabling injury, an ongoing physical condition or a mental health problem. It is not uncommon for the Social Security administration to deny the initial claim for various reasons. The administration may not see good evidence that the person cannot or should not be working full-time, for example. A Disability Lawyer in Oklahoma City, OK knows the documentation that a client needs to gain approval for disability benefits. The patient may need verification from more than one health care practitioner, at least one of whom is a specialist in the person’s particular circumstances.

If the client is unable to work full-time because of generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder, he will need verification of his disability from at least one psychiatrist. That psychiatrist may need to be a board-certified doctor who specializes in treating anxiety disorders. An individual who had to quit a job with physical labor demands because of her obesity will need a medical professional to verify that she cannot do a job that involves eight hours of sitting. Perhaps she has developed debilitating back pain that does not allow sitting for a lengthy time frame, for example.

An organization such as the Law Center for Social Security Disability provides a free initial consultation for individuals who need to file for disability benefits. A lawyer can answer any questions these people have and provide important information about the filing and appeals process. Click here to learn more.