A Guide To Contact Center Training For Every Organization Leader

by | Jul 27, 2023 | Call Center

Investing in your employees’ career development is an effective way to keep them satisfied and reduce turnover. A strong contact center training program is one of the essential training programs to have because it improves how employees interact with clients.

Call center training is any video, course, coaching session, seminar, or activity that equips employees with the skills plus behavior required for effective customer interactions. It includes compliance testing software or technology, QA, and customer service training.

Common Call Center Training Methods

Live call training

This acts like a litmus test for your employees’ capabilities because they put their theoretical knowledge into practice. During this training, the employees take customer care calls under supervision, which lets you understand how well they handle the calls under pressure.

Classroom training

This is a conventional training method where all the trainees remain in a room. It does not have to be a boring setup because you can include group activities and workshops.

Mentoring or coaching

This is essential, especially for new employees. It works by providing a trainee with a coach who helps with their new role. It is an excellent opportunity for the new employee to learn hands-on skills from the experienced ones, helping them understand their job faster and better.


While it is among the most challenging training techniques, it is also among the most effective ones for small teams. It allows the trainer to focus on individual trainees at a time, understanding their strengths, weaknesses, experience, learning speed, and knowledge level.

That way, you can provide personalized contact center training for more effective results.


  • Closes knowledge gaps
  • Increases morale, productivity, and retention
  • You remain on top of industry trends
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Lower attrition rate

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