A Helpful Severe Storm Safety Guide for People in High-Risk Flood Zones

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If your home is in a flood zone, there are key steps that you must take to stay safe. To stay totally safe, you’ll need a plan before, during, and after a storm.

Before a Storm

A few days before the storm arrives, you’ll need to create an emergency kit. It should contain medications, flashlights, bandages, and other things your family may need if the power goes out.

Next, create a communication plan using cell phones or walkie-talkies. The walkie-talkies are vital as they can provide backup when the cell phones are drained.

If your property is vulnerable to flooding, consider using one of the many flood barriers for homes. Sandbags can create a solid barrier if you pile them high. However, you may need help lifting the bags because they’re quite heavy.

During a Storm

When a storm is in progress, always listen to the experts on a weather channel. When you no longer have power for your television, switch to a battery-powered radio.

If you ever hear a flash flood warning, travel to higher ground immediately. Along the way, avoid all streams and drainage channels.

After a Storm

Once the storm is over, dodge all moving water outdoors. Also, avoid every area where there are power lines on the ground.

A solid defense will help you stay safe when a severe storm threatens your community. If you need flood barriers for homes, Flood Avert sells flood prevention products. To learn more about this company, contact Flood Avert today.