A Look At the Most Popular Types of Miami Tattoos

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One of the unique things about body art, especially customized tattoos, is that they are a unique reflection of the individual. Each person that gets a custom tattoo or chooses a stock tattoo and personalizes it with their own twist is making a statement to the world.

Despite all Miami tattoos being unique in some way, there are still popular tattoo themes or styles. While some popular tattoo options do tend to come and go, these favorites are staples in any tattoo shop in the city. You may also find that different shops cater to one particular style or type of tattoo, especially smaller shops with only one or two artists, while others provide a full array of tattoo styles, designs and types.

It is no surprise that there are many different groups, organizations and tattoo lovers that attempt to rank the popularity of different styles. Some lists break them into those for men and women, but Miami tattoos are moving towards more unisex designs that are very popular with both genders.

Tribal and Cultural

Tribal tattoos and cultural tattoos can include everything from intricate and highly stylized Maori designs to the more simplistic yet almost mesmerizing Celtic types of patterns and designs.

Cultural tattoos include those from Asian cultures as well as Native American symbols, South American cultural tattoos and even calligraphy and writing from other cultures, such as Kanji tattoos, are always popular.

Birds, Butterflies and Flowers

Depending on the style and design, Miami tattoos featuring birds, butterflies and flowers are popular for both guys and girls. Sleeve tattoos, chest tattoos or back and leg tattoos often feature a combination of these elements in amazing detail and color.

Animal Tattoos

Animal tattoos from real animals to mythical beasts continue to be some of the most in-demand tattoos in the city. Very popular options include wolves, lions, tigers, horses, dragons, unicorns and the very mystical phoenix.

Tattoos in Miami are always popular and may include religious images, icons or symbols alone or in combination with other design elements. These tattoos may also include passages from religious works that have special meaning.

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