A Must-Read Guide Before Buying a Custom Wiring Harness in Omaha, NE

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Also known as a cable harness, a custom wiring harness is an assembly holding together wires that transmit signals or power to or within different devices.

The cables within the harness are bound together using cable ties, straps, sleeves, cable lacing, conduit, electrical tape, or a combination of some of the tools.

Cable harnesses come in different materials like vinyl, PVC, thermoplastic elastomer, polyethylene, and polyurethane. The material you select depends on your budget and environment. If, for example, you want the harness for a damp environment, polyethylene is the best material.

Types Of Custom Wiring Harnesses

There are three primary types, and you can determine the best depending on your application and working environment.

Open Bundle Wiring Harness

The cables in this harness are attached to lugs and connectors. They are bundled with different breakouts using waxed lacing twine or plastic tie wraps.

Closed Bundle Wiring Harness

Instead of using tie wraps or waxed lacing to bundle the wires, this harness bundles them using a covering like a braided-on Nomex, pulled-on braided tubing, or metal braid.

Waterproof Harness

In this harness, the legs are usually covered using tubing like neoprene. The connector backshells and junctions between the legs are molded using materials like rubber compounds or urethane. PVC molding and tubing can also apply in some instances.


Wiring harnesses are helpful for any industry using electricity in their devices. Below are the industries where it is used following a survey from the Wiring Harness Manufacturer’s Association.

  • Automotive
  • Appliances
  • Agriculture
  • Electronics
  • Medical
  • Telecommunications
  • Military
  • Acoustic
  • Aerospace


  • Reduced installation time
  • Improved safety and security by preventing short circuits, moisture, abrasions, and vibrations
  • Optimum space management
  • Easy maintenance

Cares is committed to offering safe, quality, and innovative manufacturing and engineering solutions. Visit Ceres Group to learn more about the best custom wiring harness, depending on your applications.